We carry specialized licenses to work in the city of Reading, Lancaster, Wyomissing and other jurisidictions that may require additional operational permits.

We service central and eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey.  We service all makes and models of extinguishing systems.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Tired of paying top dollar for fire protection?  Tired of your current company? You own your fire equipment! Have us inspect it! We can service and inspect your fire extinguishers quickly and efficiently.  Need your kitchen system serviced?  How about an industrial spray booth system? Check out our services page.  Give us a call and we can take care of all your fire protection needs.  We always offer honest and friendly service.


-Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Recharging

-Hydrostatic Cylinder Compliance Testing

-Six-Year Internal Maintenance

-Restaurant Kitchen System Inspection & Testing

-24 Hour Emergency System Recharging*

-Industrial Suppression Systems (storage room, spray booth, etc)

-Kitchen Hoods 

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Need your fire extinguishers serviced or recharged?  Call us at 610-967-3828

Fire Safety Compliance

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  • Certifications
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